In the City on a Hill, a nothing boy and a fairy girl find each other under the starry skyline, before losing each other in the midst of a crowd. But this ain’t just another sappy love story. It’s about university protests and forgotten murder, about a boy’s vow for revenge and how that dream turned to nothing but hyacinth dust. Mafia turf wars and the people staging them, the po-po gettin’ beatin’ up and girl scout cookies that you just can’t stop chugging. But see, this show’s not just about who says what – it’s about the paths that cross and the peeps who can’t seem to die. And you know – that nothing boy really was something.

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Yunomi_avatarA two-time Boston Globe Golden Key Award winner, “the Hyacinth Girl” is a high schooler living on the East Coast. Click here to read more.

Excerpt from Cicada Summer – 

My eyes widened as 
Crimson streamed down my hands by the

Looking up, 
Faith stared at me –
Her mouth in a smile, 
Her eyes crinkled as if
This weren’t real, 
If this was actually just a comedy act of mine
To spend in obvious leisure time 
With the rain and the wind and the blood and the tears 
As the audience laughing 

But this is real life and in real life
Is not so.

It is at this point that I am reminded of Caesar.

And taking my knife, 
I lunged at her.

Finally, I had graduated.

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