What the Hell Am I’m Doing? Just Blogging, Mom.

photo-2_FotorSo you’ve wandered onto this wasteland of a blog. And so of course, how’d you like to learn about how reading the crap on my blog can help you on your epic writing journey of epic proportions? If you’re like, “Well, duh”, then listen up – ‘cause I’m gonna’ tell you. Now.

(“Oh my God you’re so rude!” Yeah, whatever, evil preppies; this is how I talk, so that’s how I write.)

People (such as my mom) always ask me why I even bother to write. I mean, I can understand – I’m an all honors student, taking several AP and SAT classes at once and of course, I’m got college applications – so how do I even find time (and brain power and sleep) to do what I’m doing here?

The key’s simple: passion. And also, I want to go to Harvard.

Eight years ago, my dad took me out for a walk around Harvard campus. It was April – like it is now – and though it’d been warm in the morning it soon turned to rain and we hurried inside for lunch. While running for cover a man purposely bumped shoulders with my dad and coincidently dropped his papers to ground. After my dad picked up his papers for him and apologized numerous times in the pouring rain the man dismissed my dad with a wave of his hand and left without saying a word. We went on to get ice cream. It was later explained to me that the man was his supervisor, and my father was to lose his job because of such an encounter. When the rain had cleared and we returned to our picnic place my father began crying silently. As a child I didn’t know why he was crying but I understood by his face that something so incredibly painful had occurred that it had caused my hero of a father to cry. Years later, I saw that the cause of my father’s sorrow was because he couldn’t speak English “properly”, and couldn’t write “properly” either – and because of that, he wasn’t able to tell anyone his story. And that’s exactly why I write – I don’t do it just because it’s a good way to procrastinate. I don’t just write because I’m some poor depressed teenager just letting out angst. I write because I’ve seen the silenced people, taken my words to channel theirs and sworn that each voice shouting will be heard and felt.

(Retweet that – you know it was great.)

(And yeah, I know – a lot of naïve dream crap and “big words” from a teen.)

So why’d I just poor out such a deep dark life story like that? Well, it’s ‘cause I want to show that I’m genuine, and now I’m gonna’ break down exactly what’ll go down on this blog every week.

I’ll be posting every week posts on the ins and outs of self publishing, my inspirations, updates on my day to day life, East Asian stuff, books, reviews, interviews, and a lot of other practical things that people need to know. I’m tired of finding blogs that claim to offer writing advice only to give ambiguous information that was blatantly obvious even before reading it. I love writing and I hope that by blogging about writing and other nerdy things, more and more people will fall in love with doing it as well. I’m writing my own book and hoping to self publish it as soon as I get it all nice and tied up with a bow – because I can’t go through the feelings of rejection that traditional publishing entails. And also ’cause ain’t nobody got time for that. And although this post talked about like nothing practical – trust me man, next week, I’m pulling out some of my writing life experience inspirational stuff thingies.  Except like, maybe not really.

So like, uh, the point of this whole dang article blog post whatever is –

Hi. The name’s “Hyacinth” Jin, welcome to my wasteland of a blog, and I’d be more than happy if you subscribed.


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    • I’ve gotta’ agree – plus it makes things so much easier to get done!
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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